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Best Travel Destinations in Europe

Idling away at home during lockdown might feel a bit boring, that’s why we at Fare first put together a list of travel destinations in Europe you can plan to visit as soon as the situ...

In Europe travel, Travel inspiration, Feb 20, 2021

How to efficiently plan and pack for a trip?

Admit it! Planning for a trip can seem a bit challenging, especially when you travel with your family. And you should know that we are here to guide you! Up next, we’ve shared our ins...

In World, Packing, Jul 22, 2020

FF protect : an open source contact tracing system for potential COVID-19 carriers or patients

In this time of an ongoing pandemic crisis, our team wants to address the possible community outbreak via contact spreading of the virus. If unaware virus carriers can be identified a...

In World, Health, Mar 24, 2020

Safe traveling during Coronavirus outbreak

Here are a few important things you should be aware of while traveling during the Coronavirus outbreak.

In World, Health, Mar 10, 2020

Best destinations to visit in India in 2020

Traveling is fun! Visiting new places, meeting different people and understanding various cultures helps one broaden their horizon. And if the destination you have picked is already a...

In India, Places, Mar 05, 2020