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Regaining balance and confidence: women-only trips, the hottest trend for this year

Varun Raj Varun Raj Follow Mar 08, 2021 · 5 mins read
Regaining balance and confidence: women-only trips, the hottest trend for this year
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We do live in an era in which female empowerment is more than a necessity. And as a result, we’ve noticed that the request for women-only trips has increased in recent years. Hence, the main travel trend for 2020 is about lady travellers joining women-only trips.

It is rather simple to join a women-only trip, or even solo women travel experience with the help of websites such as Farefirst. This online platform can allow you to explore the world with personalized offers and competitive prices. Still, if you are wondering why women-only trips can add value to your life, we’ve got the perfect answer for you. Read on to discover everything you need to know about ladies only travel trips.

Why more and more ladies enrol in women-only trips?

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Some ladies need a significant change and time for themselves

One of the main reasons why ladies consider women-only trips is the need to discover how to regain their balance and confidence. And no matter if you join a group or opt for solo women travel, you will gain amazing benefits. First of all, you will try something different, which will boost your brain’s health. Secondly, you will meet and connect with new people or fellow traveling ladies, which can improve your mental wellbeing. Lastly, but not the least important, surrounding yourself with other ladies can empower you. It can get you access to qualitative emotional support, which can help you heal and rediscover yourself.

Women only trips encourage self-care

Many argue that focusing too much on self-care might be a selfish act. But if you want to overcome this issue, you can simply join a woman only trip. Not only will you meet ladies with similar desires, but you will discover that pampering yourself starts with offering yourself the chance to explore the world. Also, the freedom and flexibility you will experience during your travels will make you see the world with different eyes.

Traveling with other ladies allows you to grow and discover inner strength

Being next to like-minded people can boost your confidence, but at the same time makes room for exploring your inner self. Hence, another reason why ladies join women-only trips is the opportunity of self-reflection. Connecting with other women, discovering their experiences, and how they managed difficult situations can pave the path towards your healing journey. And the best part about women-only trips is that you will discover that the only thing holding you back is yourself. Otherwise, you can achieve everything you set your mind upon!.

What to choose: a solo women trip or a woman only trip?

The answer to this question depends on your needs and expectations. Many ladies feel like they lack the courage to travel by themselves, and as a result, they join women-only trips. Other ladies book their trip and plan to meet fellow ladies upon their arrival. But there are quite a few women who opt for solo women travel approaches. And they say that this is one of the most empowering, frightening and revealing experience. Yet no matter what you choose, you should know that trips designed for women can only benefit your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 

How to plan a woman only trip

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Select your destination with the help of Farefirst

So, the first thing you need to do is research and select your future women-only trip. Our advice is to choose a destination that fits your desires and expectations. And from there, you will see that one trip will lead to another and so on.

If you are planning to visit several destinations on one trip, make sure you have booked accommodation

It is not unusual for solo travellers or groups to opt to see several destinations during one trip. Yet you should have accommodation booked for all the areas you visit, as it is safer to do so, rather than booking a place on-site.

Pack light, as the goal is to enjoy the trip, not to hassle with your luggage

Another pro tip from fellow women travellers is to pack light. You should bring with yourself only the necessities, such as comfortable shoes, a couple of t-shirts in neutral colours, a scarf, and maybe a nice dress in case you are planning to explore the nightlife. Make sure you bring with you items that are easy to mix and match, and, of course, that you are prepared for the unexpected. 

Make sure your travel papers are secure and bring copies with you

Well, it is better to be safe than sorry, so it is highly recommended to have with you some copies of your documents and keep your passport, cards, and cash as secure as possible. Our advice is to opt for a small bag that can be easily hidden under your shirt and positioned on your pants belt.

Top travel destinations for women-only trips

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it is a must-see destination due to its picturesque European countries, impressive winter scenery, and local cuisine. Some of the most visited areas in this country are the Rhone river backdrops, Interlaken and Bern.


this is the perfect women-only trip destination for those that love spending a lot of time outdoors. Australia is famous all around the world due to its impressive wildlife and landscapes. Some of the top areas to visit, including Sydney.


the top road trip destination in 2020, especially for women-only trips, is Namibia. This is a unique destination, available all year. The Sossusvlei area, the Skeleton Coast, or the impressive deserts will make you feel like you’ve stepped in another world.

Women-only trips represent the top travel trend for 2020, as more and more ladies consider exploring the world either by themselves or with fellow female travellers. And with the help of services such as Farefirst, it is simpler than ever to create your 2020 travel itinerary to suit any women’s needs and expectations.   

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