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Pandemic Era Travel - Do’s and Don’ts

Yajnesh Talapady Yajnesh Talapady Follow Feb 03, 2022 · 7 mins read
Pandemic Era Travel - Do’s and Don’ts
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You might be ready to fly to your favorite destination or all set for the next business trip. But, keeping yourself safe in a post-pandemic world is paramount.

After having some semblance of control over Covid-19, governments around the world have opened their borders to people with the implementation of SOPs (Standard operating procedures). Vaccination is mandatory for any person to fly or enter their desired country.

SOPs and the Travel & Hospitality Industry

The benefit of keeping yourself safe is not only for your sake but for your loved ones too. For extensive protection, a lot of airlines have started giving face shields to passengers. In addition to face shields, passengers also get gowns to protect themselves from contamination.

Airports are taking care of the health of travelers by following advanced safety protocols decided by governments around the world.

We all know that the hospitality industry took the biggest hit after the coronavirus outbreak. But now, everything is falling back into its right place. The authorities of the hotels and resorts strictly implement SOPs in their establishments. They will not let you enter without checking your vaccination card and temperature. Moreover, staying at any place means following their rules of keeping yourself and other people safe.

But, even with such strict protocols, you might be worried about germs.

Firstly, you should know that travel is safe and people are returning to their normal life and so should you. And, in our quick guide, we will explain everything in our do’s and don’ts of post-pandemic travel.

Do’s and Don’ts of Flying in an Airplane

The first step after knowing you are traveling to another place should be contacting a reliable flight and hotel booking platform. We do suggest that you should try FareFirst as we have been making extra sure about your travel after the post-pandemic. We arrange your flights following all the protocols and double-checking the safety of your flights.

Moreover, we have the best hotels and resorts on the list for their travelers for a comfortable vacation and stay.

What you SHOULD DO While Traveling

Try the online check-in

Airports have been trying out multiple ways to ensure there is limited contact between the staff and the passengers. Moreover, there is a long line at the check-in time and there is a way to control that.

A lot of airports are providing this opportunity to ensure social distancing. So, when you are booking your ticket, you can check if they have web check-in. A lot of airports encourage web check-ins to avoid additional fees for the physical ones.

Place tags on your bags

Some people have a lot of luggage like students or people traveling for their new job. So, you can add printed tags to them at home. You do not have to get in contact with the cargo as the tag already has your information. A lot of airports are now passing the luggage through a sanitization belt for the complete safety of the passengers.

Wear your mask and carry sanitizer with you

You might be following all the protocols and successfully ensuring social distancing, but the main things that will keep you safe are masks, gloves, sanitizers, and cleaning wipes.

Ensure that you have all these on you at all times. These items are also available at the boarding gate so you can easily get them there. Do not touch anything with bare hands. Always throw on the gloves and wear new ones after you have boarded the plane.

Carry your water bottle and food

Although airlines provide you with food and drinks, you cannot be 100% sure that it’s safe, given the times. We’re not saying that the food will not be cooked right but the packaging can be dangerous. Even airport authorities have allowed the passengers to bring their food. So, instead of taking a risk, carry your own food.

Quarantine yourself

One of the best things to do after you’ve reached your destination is to quarantine yourself for at least a week or two. It may not be possible for all, but offices and even universities allow this for people who’ve come through flights or from far destinations.

DON’T DO these on your Travels

Eat a lot on the journey

One of the things that people forget is that this virus can enter the body through your hands when you are eating or drinking.

If you’re hungry first sanitize your hands and after you are done with your food, sanitize again. And clean your face with a wipe. Keep your food consumption to a minimum to avoid removing your masks and gloves repeatedly.

The authorities have allowed passengers to show the e-boarding pass provided to you on your phone. You should avoid carrying a boarding pass as you might put it in different places. It can carry germs and you might get infected. You can just show it through your phone avoiding any contact.

Carry a lot of luggage

A lot of travelers take the risk of packing a lot of luggage. Even though you did a web check-in, due to your luggage you must talk to the authorities. So, always pack light and make a smart decision of sending your luggage beforehand. Carry the things that you need immediately for your trip.

Wear jackets, coats, and belts before security check

You might have to take your apparel off if you are dressed too much. Taking off and putting on your accessories can potentially expose you to the virus. So, make sure to not overdress but wear something comfortable. If you’re cold then put your jacket in your handbag/backpack before the security check.

Tips to Ensure a Safer Hotel Stay

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep yourself safe during a hotel stay.

DO remember to sanitize your room

Even though you got a nice and clean room, still so many guests would have stayed here. It won’t harm you to do a quick cleaning of the main things that you will touch. Like the doorknobs, switches, remote, or essentials in the bathroom.

DO open the windows for ventilation

Along with other SOPs, WHO also stated that people should ensure ventilation in their rooms or houses. Places that have less ventilation can be subjected to this air-borne virus. Moreover, a table fan can also work if there is no window in your room.

DON’T go to the spa and gym

Safety takes primary importance on your trip even though your main goal is to relax and make the best out of your time.

Social distancing will be hard to follow in places like a gym or spa since there’ll be many other hotel guests there. Moreover, you should avoid crowded places like casinos, restaurants, and any other event spaces to protect yourself. Getting room service during your stay might be the best idea.

DON’T go in elevators

Elevators are a closed space and you have to touch the buttons for going up or down. Just like you, so many people have already touched the walls and buttons of the elevator. There is also a great chance that they can be crowded. So, try to avoid that and use the stairs as an alternative.


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Happy Travels!

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